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On battery recycling and the future

JB Straubel, the Tesla co-founder and former CTO, is deep in the battery recycling game. Historically recycling compliance for batteries has been low, but that must change as the volume keeps increasing. “Why Amazon and Panasonic are betting on this […]

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YCombinator requests for startups.

Often said to be the world’s leading accelerator program (alums include Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, Instacart, Coinbase), YC is a pillar of the startup community. They have a “Requests for Startups” page that highlights 25 areas of innovation that they would […]

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Coming soon: cheaper, better LIDAR. 

The tech that powers almost all autonomous driving (notable exception: Tesla) is still very expensive today. Like, $75k per unit expensive. Many expects expect it to fall to less than $100. Ars Technica explains the current state of technology and […]