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Why are we so bad at reporting good news?

“In a special broadcast from the TED stage, journalist Angus Hervey sheds light on some of the incredible progress humanity has made across environmental protection, public health and more in the last year, making the case that if we want […]

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You can grow new brain cells. 

Until I read the transcript of this TED talk, I was under the mistaken impression that humans do not grow new brain cells as adults. Well not only do we grow new brain cells, but Sandrine Thuret also explains how […]

under the microscope

How bacteria ‘talk’. 

“Bonnie Bassler discovered that bacteria “talk” to each other, using a chemical language that lets them coordinate defense and mount attacks.“ This is a TED talk with a transcript available for my fellow readers. | learn more

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The human-powered answer to AI. 

With Artificial Swarm Intelligence, Unanimous AI predicted these outcomes in 2016: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win, Superfecta in the Kentucky Derby, Penguins Stanely Cup win, Cubs Word Series win, Trump GOP nomination. Do I have your attention yet? CEO Louis Rosenberg showcases his […]

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How to build a company where the best ideas win. 

In this TED talk, the ridiculously successful investor Ray Dalio showcases how he establishes radical candor inside his hedge fund. He shares an email where an employee graded him a D- on a meeting for being unprepared, and his firm’s amazing software […]

fun facts

Where are the baby dinosaurs? 

Seriously, why haven’t we ever seen baby dinosaurs in museums? Well, paleontologist Jack Horner tells us in this surprising TED talk. | learn more