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Palmer Luckey makes his point.

“How far might we be if supposedly learned elites didn’t use the power of words to attack the power of technologist-driven technology?” ~ learn more

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The future 100: 2024 edition.

“Be future-ready and dive into 100 micro trends spanning culture creativity and connection. Join us as we take you on a journey into tomorrow’s world; a world where in the face of a bewildering amount of new technology, people are […]

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Decarbonization 2024.

Nat Bullard is a self-described expert on clean energy and climate finance. He puts together this annual presentation on “the state of decarbonization told with climate, capital markets, technology, and sector data.” It’s very detailed and full of interesting data. […]

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AI and the big five.

To Stratechery’s Ben Thompson, “it seems clear … that this is a new epoch in technology.” So how might the giant tech companies of the last decade play a role in this new epoch? The premise here is that, “some […]

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The rise and decline of thinking over feeling.

“In texts, … thinking words relating to technology and social organization (experiment, gravity, weigh, cost, contract) become more common between 1850 and approximately 1977 (beginning of the great stagnation) but since then thinking words have declined markedly and feeling words […]

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mRNA vaccine technology moves to flu.

This is still only the beginning. “Moderna has given out the first doses of an mRNA-based influenza vaccine to participants in an early-phase clinical trial, the company announced Wednesday.” | learn more

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Tech and the new normal

From Ben Evans: “This June, I updated my macro trends deck, with a condensed version of where we were in January and some thoughts on where we are in June: forced experimentation and years of progress in weeks.” | learn more