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Owning the funnel

“Unlike their western counterparts, who can build sizable companies being the best-of-breed for different geographies, Chinese tech companies have to focus on owning the user (and funnel) to grow.” | learn more

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Pump-free geothermal loops

“[Requiring no power for pumping water down] makes this Eavor-Loop technology a bit of a unicorn. Essentially it’s a low-enthalpy geothermal station that sends fluid through a sealed loop in a way that self-perpetuates without adding any extra energy at […]

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Lab-grown rib-eye is now a thing

“A little over two years after Israel-based start-up Aleph Farms unveiled the world’s first lab-grown steak, the company has now revealed a much more complex, thick-cut rib-eye steak. Cultivated using a novel 3D bioprinting technology, the company suggests it now […]

oh, chicago

New $5M grant fund for Chicago founders

“Desiree Vargas Wrigley, executive director of TechRise by P33, said in helping to establish the initiative, she thought of ways to give diverse tech founders what they need most — capital and resources for those who don’t have family or […]

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Bus factor 1

“A company dependent on a single person’s work has a single point of failure. In tech jargon, they have low Bus Factor, the number of people who would have to get hit by a bus for the project to fail. […]

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Not even wrong: ways to predict tech

Benedict Evans discusses prediction-making, touching on the subject near and dear to science: falsification. His point is that, “that a theory might be right or wrong, but first it has to rise to the level of being a theory at […]

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Do VCs really need $1B exits?

Axios founder Dan Primack tweeted that the unicorn exit isn’t necessary, and that ignited quite the online debate. Jeff Carter at West Loop Ventures summarizes responses and adds his own take. | learn more

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The bio side of tech. 

Vijay Pande led a16z’s investment in health-tech company BioAge, and uses this post to explain the rationale. They have the ambitious goal of identifying biomarkers for aging in youthful blood. Vijay makes it easy for non-scientists to understand the meaning […]