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In defense of strategy.

“For some reason … it’s a badge of honor in tech to shit on strategy.” This is a great counter to the position that execution is ee. “A strategy is a high-level plan to achieve one or more goals under […]

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A ChatGPT MD success story.

After several years of failed diagnoses for a young boy, his mother turned to the AI chat app. ChatGPT suggested a diagnosis of an extremely rare condition, which she took to a specialist who promptly validated it. Imagine how much […]

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Tech is a fashion industry.

“In the fashion industry, you can’t make something that is really ugly and stupid into something popular. But from all the possible things that could be popular, you can influence what gets to the top.” ~ learn more

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On the value of small angel checks.

“Taking small checks from angel investors often leads to introductions to other investors, resulting in a multiplicative effect, or the “money multiplier.” These angel investors often work in the tech industry and are keen to help startups grow. As a […]