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Retail success depends on warehouses.

So, Amazon’s launched a new $1 billion fund to invest in warehouse tech. “The Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund will focus on new technologies that will “increase delivery speed and further improve the experience” of warehouse and logistics employees, Alex Ceballos […]

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Minsky moments in venture capital.

“Hyman Minsky was a 20th-century economist whose ‘financial instability hypothesis’ is probably the best-known explanation for the boom and bust cycles that characterize public financial markets. … We’re currently in the midst of an unprecedented boom in private market activity. […]

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The next big thing in 2022.

“50 of technology’s top thinkers weigh in on the year ahead.” Loads of interesting ideas to consider here: inflation, the war for talent, decarbonization, and more! | learn more

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How big tech runs tech projects.

“A survey of how tech projects run across the industry highlights Scrum being absent from Big Tech. Why is this, and are there takeaways others should take note of?” | learn more

retail therapy

Owning the funnel

“Unlike their western counterparts, who can build sizable companies being the best-of-breed for different geographies, Chinese tech companies have to focus on owning the user (and funnel) to grow.” | learn more

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Pump-free geothermal loops

“[Requiring no power for pumping water down] makes this Eavor-Loop technology a bit of a unicorn. Essentially it’s a low-enthalpy geothermal station that sends fluid through a sealed loop in a way that self-perpetuates without adding any extra energy at […]

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Lab-grown rib-eye is now a thing

“A little over two years after Israel-based start-up Aleph Farms unveiled the world’s first lab-grown steak, the company has now revealed a much more complex, thick-cut rib-eye steak. Cultivated using a novel 3D bioprinting technology, the company suggests it now […]