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A hard thing about weight loss.

“But a new study has found that it may not be a lack of willpower, but a lack of dopamine signaling in response to nutrients – something more prevalent in adults with obesity – that encourages behaviors like high-sugar food […]

big ideas

Bioplastics market ramping up.

“But the nascent bioplastics industry envisions a far bigger role for materials made from corn, sugar, vegetable oils and other renewable materials in the hope of grabbing a larger share of a nearly $600 billion global plastic market.” | learn more

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Oatly: the new Coke?

This week we have more talk of Oatly! First, you can read this comparison of Oatly to Coke, sugar and cigarettes along the lines of misleading health marketing. But don’t stop there, because the comments criticizing the comparison are salient.

under the microscope

Sugar-sweetened beverages may be addictive.

I’m not sure this is surprising to anyone, but more studies do help make the case stronger. “Youth between 13 and 18 years of age who were deprived of sugary drinks for just three days reported headaches, cravings and other […]

thoughts of food

Germs that love diet soda. 

This is published in the NYT opinion section, but interesting anyway. The author discusses the links between sugars, sugar substitutes, and germs that live in the microbiome. | learn more