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Space junk removal is not going smoothly

“After so many decades of the buildup of high-speed clutter in the form of spent rocket stages, stray bolts and paint chips, solid-rocket-motor slag, dead or dying satellites and the scattered fragments from antisatellite tests—all of which could individually damage […]

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Interplanetary biomining

“We are not short of evidence that microbes can survive in space for extensive times. A favored way to find out is to carry out often multinational studies by placing sample organisms on the surface of the International Space Station.” | learn […]

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Japan developing wooden satellites to cut space junk

Aluminum particles stay in the atmosphere when the satellites burn up on reentry. “Wooden satellites would burn up without releasing harmful substances into the atmosphere or raining debris on the ground when they plunge back to Earth.” | learn more

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The physics of war in space

A very intriguing primer on how to conduct war in space. “Scenes from Star Wars, books, and TV shows portray a world very different from what we are likely to see in the next 50 years, if ever, given the […]

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Space mystery: the interstellar object ‘Oumuamua

“In 2018, our solar system ran into an object lost in interstellar space. The object, dubbed ‘Oumuamua, seemed to be long and thin—cigar-shaped—and tumbling end over end. Then, close observations showed it was accelerating, as if something were pushing on […]

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Business of renting kitchen space heats up in China.

“In China’s biggest cities, restaurants are struggling to satisfy the appetites of customers ordering food delivery through apps on their phones. That’s leading to a booming market for renting kitchen space, without tables, chairs or waiters.” | learn more

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Amazon: to the moon! 

Amazon is developing new space and satellite services. You’ll probably see me share more about space startups and technology over time as I grow more interested in the possibilities unlocked by lower launch prices. If you’re interested in the topic, […]