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When tailwinds vanish

“The Internet tailwinds that propelled Silicon Valley’s meteoric growth for decades are stalling out. The ripple effects will jolt the tech industry.” | learn more

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The social subsidy of angel investing

In this article, Alex Danco picks apart one of the reasons Silicon Valley is a unique environment for early stage fundraising. It’s not financial returns that drive angels to want to write early checks at silly valuations, it’s the social […]

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The rise of distributed teams

“Silicon Valley tech firm building products that let people collaborate over any distance. Must relocate to San Francisco.” Read this post for a great analysis of remote work and distributed teams. | learn more

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What went wrong with on-demand, artisanal food.

With the recent failure of Silicon Valley startup Munchery, and the less-recent failure of Sprig, SF Chronical offers an interesting post-mortem of the on-demand food business model. It’s interesting to read some of the quotes from former Sprig employees about […]

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Tour of an architect’s $10MM home.

“Architect Malika Junaid gives a tour of her $10 million home, which was designed with her family’s science-fiction interests in mind. It’s full of automations, an elevator and what she calls an abstract Starship Enterprise.” | learn more

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August Capital has collapsed.

They are one of the few Silicon Valley VCs that have been super active in Chicago, so this is especially sad. “…August Capital held its annual holiday dinner on Thursday, December 6. The mood was festive, not only because of […]