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Joshua Kushner.

His firm, Thrive Capital, manages over $5 billion, up from $40 million when he started it. “Kushner’s firm won over top Silicon Valley CEOs, from OpenAI to Instagram, in record time. Insiders detail how he paved a path outside his […]

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Lawyers are getting their own AI chat apps.

The Silicon Valley law firm Gunderson Dettmer built their own internal app for using large language models in their practice. The most exciting “component is the ability of lawyers to query documents they provide using retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), a method […]

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WSJ says tech bros have moved on from Allbirds.

Showing just how out of touch I am with tech bro culture, I recently bought another pair. “Renowned as ‘the world’s most comfortable sneakers,’ Allbirds once dominated Silicon Valley style. So why are their original fans shunning them and turning […]

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Choose good quests.

“Today, we are in a crisis. Silicon Valley’s best — our top operators, exited founders, and most powerful investors — are almost all on bad quests. Exiting your first startup only to enter venture capital and fight your peers for […]

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The end of the millennial lifestyle subsidy.

“It was as if Silicon Valley had made a secret pact to subsidize the lifestyles of urban Millennials. As I pointed out three years ago, if you woke up on a Casper mattress, worked out with a Peloton, Ubered to […]

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Caterpillar’s headquarters leaving Illinois for Texas.

Just a few years ago they moved headquarters from Peoria to Deerfield, a suburb of Chicago. Now they’re leaving for Texas. “The move—expected to affect the roughly 230 corporate employees at Caterpillar’s headquarters—is the latest in a series of recent […]

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The false narrative around Theranos.

Elad Gil defends Silicon Valley tech startups, making the case that Theranos is not representative of them. “Theranos raised no real mainstream venture capital. None of the mainstream tech or biotech funders invested in Theranos.” | learn more