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What’s on the menu?

“We’re transcribing our historical restaurant menus, dish by dish, so that they can be searched by what people were eating back in the day.” | learn more

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How to advertise on a porn website

Restaurant delivery service Eat24, now owned by GrubHub, was once a scrappy independent upstart. Back then, they had to figure out how to stretch their ad budget to the max. They found the answer on a porn site and turned […]

thoughts of food

GrubHub owns thousands of domains for restaurant names

“It also appears to publish shadow pages without owners’ consent—sometimes in direct competition with real websites.” The tone of this article implies GrubHub’s motive is sinister. I don’t share the author’s views. However, the topic is interesting and therefore worth […]

thoughts of food

The world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant

“Today, Haus Hiltl isn’t just one Zürich’s most popular dining options; it’s recognised by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest continuously run vegetarian restaurant – a gourmet temple of ‘healthy indulgence’, founded in 1898 and operated by the fourth […]