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NFTs invade art town Marfa, TX.

“This past October, Erick Calderon stood in front of a crowd in Marfa, the West Texas town beloved by artists, and attempted to explain, in a public town-hall meeting, his new venture: a showcase of N.F.T. art. … When Calderon […]

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The beginnings and history of NFTs.

“It all started with the first NFT ever created, called Quantum, which was minted by Kevin McCoy on Namecoin in 2014. But several other NFTs were launched on pre-Ethereum blockchains over the following years — for example, Spells of Genesis […]

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Generative art post-hype.

This is an article from April 2021 about generative art titled: “Punks, Squiggles, and the Future of Generative Media.” Mostly, generative art has been linked to NFTs thus a wild money-grab. But there is a thread there that goes back […]

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How recursive royalties will save NFTs.

I learned this week that, “Contrary to expectations and popular belief, royalties are not enforced by an uncompromising golem on the blockchain. Royalties are voluntarily enforced by marketplaces.” This author proposes a solution. | learn more

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Artists can get huge without NFTs.

The WSJ headline: “Three Years Ago, Her Art Sold for $400 at the Beach. Now It Fetches Up To $1.6 Million at Auction.” I am no art critic, but I feel it relevant to point out that she’s dating a […]

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Crypto’s biggest scams of all time.

“The SEC is starting to take action while the scams are getting bolder. So enjoy a little Sunday school lesson in digital con artistry (and maybe a tiny bit of schadenfreude) as we highlight the 11 biggest crypto scams and […]

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Planet of the billion dollar Bored Apes.

The company behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs just raised $450 million at a $4 billion valuation and this skeptic makes it seem not super crazy. This finally put me over the edge of paying for the Every newsletter […]