better doing

Daniel Kahneman: Putting your intuition on ice

The Nobel laureate spoke with Shane Parish (Farnam Street) and the conversation is juicy. One idea came through loud and clear: the master of behavioral economics thinks changing behavior is a long shot because avoiding cognitive biases is really really […]

better doing

The problem with behavioral economics. 

Australian economist Jason Collins equates the 165 cognitive biases with a broken model of the 16th century earth-centric universe. Basically, he makes the point that these biases are not “malfunctions” but are rather more simply explained by a better model […]

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The economics of bank robbery. 

“Bank robberies are great case studies for the economics of crime. They’re premeditated affairs in which a perpetrator has evaluated (consciously or not) the rationality of proceeding. The gains are quantifiable. They also come with a built-in dilemma: every minute […]