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The Exponential Age will transform economics forever.

Azeem Azhar writes about the Exponential Age (we’re living in it). He argues that the models that served business so well in the past are a looming liability today. I find any reminder of the exponential nature of our world […]

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Can AI shift the laws of economics?

Rob May offers an interesting line of thinking. “The laws of economics aren’t fixed forever. As AI impacts society in many ways, and as AI makes more decisions for humans that we no longer make ourselves, it is very possible the […]

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Who runs Chicago?

This article discusses the shift of power from manufacturing to the industries of finance, insurance and real estate. The authors surface some interesting history and facts that make this worth sharing. Unfortunately, the authors demonstrate a poor grasp on economics, […]

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Brandless shuts down operations

The best-funded online retailer that aimed to cut out brand premiums and sell everything direct-to-consumer has shut down. They had raised $290 million, mostly from SoftBank, but couldn’t get the economics of the business to work. Some of the investment […]