big ideas

Climate activism via blockchain.

A Digital Autonomous Organization (DAO) has acquired $100 million worth of carbon offset credits. “The core team told Cointelegraph that it intends to put upward pressure on the price of carbon offsets “so that it becomes more profitable to engage […]

on the blockchain

A primer to web3.

This is a great and approachable slide deck by Katie Chiou. It’s renewed my interest in DAOs (Digital Autonomous Organizations). If you are (or ever were) a member of DAO I’d love to hear from you. | learn more

on the blockchain

A data-driven look at dApp adoption in 2018.

“While most mainstream headlines have focused on the price crash, most people in the space are well aware that loads of interesting products are currently being built out. … In this post, we’ll explore data … for a handful of […]