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Stablecoin mechanisms and use cases.

Patrick McKenzie (aka patio11) reluctantly talks about cryptocurrency. “In principle, you could use stablecoins as money, like how you use deposits as money. Stablecoins are not used like money; rather than facilitating almost the entire diversity of transactions in the […]

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Eye-scanning silver orb cryptocurrency.

“Over the summer, the world learned that tech investor Sam Altman was plotting to co-found a new startup that struck many as dystopian, albeit light on details: a cryptocurrency called Worldcoin that is distributed by scanning people’s eyeballs with an […]

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The case against Bitcoin

“Peter Thiel’s former portfolio manager says that the crypto narrative is built on half-truths and a nonchalance about the security provided by the nation-state.” | learn more

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Crypto Sci-Hub and the decentralization of science

“Open and publicly accessible research graphs can also have their own network-native crypto incentives. This might create novel funding models for curation, and shift the world of scientific research from a US-government-centered, dollar-funded, institutional model to a decentralized network of […]