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The SEC is coming for Bittrex.

Matt Levine explains in vivid detail the trap that is the US regulatory environment, and the sense of scary foreboding that other US crypto exchanges might be experiencing these days. ~ learn more (open in incognito if paywalled)

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Multicoin Capital’s hedge fund lost 91.4% last year.

Before you go shedding any tears: “Despite the massive drawdown, Multicoin’s hedge fund remains up 1,376% net of fees from its inception through 2022. As the broader crypto market rebounded from last year’s lows, Multicoin reported the fund gained 100.9% […]

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The web3 growth stack.

There’s an ecosystem of tools and platforms that enable today’s tech and consumer companies to drive growth. “These tools enable structured processes around user acquisition, measuring retention and engagement, and monitoring conversion and monetization — the bread and butter of […]

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Will crypto + AI eat the world?

“In the (near) future 100,000,000s of devices will run open source programs on shared data/models the same way they run any other app. Any RAM / Memory anywhere with internet making (small) casual continuous profit from letting itself be used […]

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Crypto theses for 2023.

Ryan Selkis is back with the 6th edition of his tome of crypto. “We cover all of the top investment themes, people to watch, policy developments, and technical breakthroughs that we expect will shape crypto in 2023. Onward.” ~ learn […]

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The crypto geniuses who vaporized a trillion dollars.

History rhymes once again. “Among crypto’s smartest observers, there is a widely held view that Three Arrows is meaningfully responsible for the larger crypto crash of 2022, as market chaos and forced selling sent bitcoin and other digital assets plunging […]

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Reputation in Web3: ships built on the great flood.

“If anything, it seems like crypto has made the ‘old’ centralized social networks, especially Twitter, more central than ever. How many influencers have used their followers to make an easy leap into crypto sales? How many important projects have used […]