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Crypto kicks and the metaverse.

“Web3 and DTC are natural partners and Nike will be of the first major retailers to iterate around Web3 principles. It’s not just a new revenue stream: it’s community and status.” | learn more

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Digital wallet wars are the new browser wars.

When discussing crypto wallets, the idea of “switching costs” takes on more meaning than ever. “Just like IE, MetaMask has started to bank on monopolistic practices and a walled-garden approach that harkens back to Web 2.0 and its regressive business […]

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Tokens as CAC.

“Tokens are the paid customer acquisition channel of web3. By analyzing how web3 companies invest tokens, we can calculate the cost of customer acquisition (CAC) for a crypto company.” | learn more

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Adoption of Bitcoin’s lightning network.

Unlike the wild swings in crypto token prices, I’m intrigued by the slow and steady increase in adoption of the lightning network. It’s purported to have all the security of the base blockchain with fast and cheap transactions. I wasn’t paying much […]

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Why crypto is a lot different today than in 2017.

Way back then, every project was a concept full of hypothetical revenue earned at the protocol level and accrued to the token holders. Today there are multiple projects that generate protocol revenue. This is still not quite “solid ground” for […]