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2023 crypto developer report.

One of the lines of thinking I’ve embraced in the past was that when thousands of smart engineers work at something, magical things can happen. That remains true. “While developers overall are down 24%, the most valuable segment of developers […]

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Going post-crypto.

It’s not all sunshine and sparkles. “You can go down the rabbit hole into crypto. This is a post about getting out.” ~ learn more

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Patrick McKenzie and Tyler Cowen in conversation.

Here’s a run-on sentence: “Tyler sat down with Patrick to discuss signature fields on the back of credit cards, whether bank tellers or waitstaff are more trustworthy, the gremlins behind spurious credit card declines, how debt collection and maple syrup […]

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The PayPal StableCoin.

“PayPal customers can now transact in PayPal USD, a crypto stablecoin tied to the dollar. So which type of PayPal dollar, regular or crypto, is safer to hold? Surprisingly, the crypto dollar is backed by safer assets, gives you better […]

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Scammers keep on scamming.

These folks are playing a long game. “The scammers then create a transaction that mimics legitimate transactions from the wallet address prefix to the number of tokens sent to the address. This makes it look like their target has been […]

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The “grift shift” into AI.

This report in Institutional Investor tells the story of stocks who have pivoted from promoting crypto schemes without substance to all-in on AI. “Nvidia’s explosive revenue growth really tells us nothing about the future of AI,” Koppikar explains. “It turns out every […]