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The PayPal StableCoin.

“PayPal customers can now transact in PayPal USD, a crypto stablecoin tied to the dollar. So which type of PayPal dollar, regular or crypto, is safer to hold? Surprisingly, the crypto dollar is backed by safer assets, gives you better […]

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Scammers keep on scamming.

These folks are playing a long game. “The scammers then create a transaction that mimics legitimate transactions from the wallet address prefix to the number of tokens sent to the address. This makes it look like their target has been […]

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The “grift shift” into AI.

This report in Institutional Investor tells the story of stocks who have pivoted from promoting crypto schemes without substance to all-in on AI. “Nvidia’s explosive revenue growth really tells us nothing about the future of AI,” Koppikar explains. “It turns out every […]

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Crypto city Zuzalu.

For a couple months (March 25 thru May 25), crypto enthusiasts have partnered with the government of a tiny city in Montenegro to create a pop-up city. It seems to be part lecture series part hackathon. The website makes almost […]

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The SEC is coming for Bittrex.

Matt Levine explains in vivid detail the trap that is the US regulatory environment, and the sense of scary foreboding that other US crypto exchanges might be experiencing these days. ~ learn more (open in incognito if paywalled)

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Multicoin Capital’s hedge fund lost 91.4% last year.

Before you go shedding any tears: “Despite the massive drawdown, Multicoin’s hedge fund remains up 1,376% net of fees from its inception through 2022. As the broader crypto market rebounded from last year’s lows, Multicoin reported the fund gained 100.9% […]

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The web3 growth stack.

There’s an ecosystem of tools and platforms that enable today’s tech and consumer companies to drive growth. “These tools enable structured processes around user acquisition, measuring retention and engagement, and monitoring conversion and monetization — the bread and butter of […]

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Will crypto + AI eat the world?

“In the (near) future 100,000,000s of devices will run open source programs on shared data/models the same way they run any other app. Any RAM / Memory anywhere with internet making (small) casual continuous profit from letting itself be used […]