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The app that monetized doing nothing.

“My short-lived meditative oasis came courtesy of Calm, the most popular mindfulness app and one of the most popular apps in existence, full stop. More than 100 million people now have Calm on their smartphone, after downloads surged by a […]

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Surprise: 20% of blood samples have coronavirus antibodies

This is from over 1,000 samples across Chicagoland: “Nearly 1 in 5 Chicago residents who sent blood-spot samples to Northwestern researchers tested positive for coronavirus antibodies.” This is higher than they expected and might be due to the high sensitivity […]

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Indoor air is the next coronavirus frontline

Axios Future did a nice job highlighting some of the dynamics around indoor air quality. I expect most establishments are unprepared to put guests at ease about air cleanliness this winter. I’ve also heard that some HVAC manufacturers are having […]