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The renewable energy disaster far more deadly than Chernobyl.

The point here is pro-nuclear, not anti-renewables. In 1975, China’s Banqiao Dam collapsed, “forming a wall of water six meters high and twelve kilometers wide moving up to fifty kilometers per hour. The towering deluge eventually collapsed 62 more dams, […]

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Why the world is going blind.

The cause: not enough exposure to sunlight. “In China, up to 90 percent of teenagers and young adults are myopic. In the 1950s the figure was as low as 10 percent. A 2012 study in Seoul found that an astonishing […]

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How did solar power get cheap?

“Solar went from the most expensive source of electricity in the 1950s to the least expensive source of electricity in the 2020s.” The root cause: hundreds of billions of dollars of both public and private investments. Those investments, first in […]

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Health and finance influencers in China now need certification.

Given how easily terrible ideas spread online, I think this is a solid pro-consumer move. “Platform operators should be responsible for reviewing broadcasters’ certifications and subsequently putting the relevant information in the official records. Artificial intelligence-synthesized presenters and content are […]