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Is plastic recycling a lie?

Short answer: yes. “Rogue, like most recycling companies, had been sending plastic trash to China, but when China shut its doors two years ago, Leebrick scoured the U.S. for buyers. She could find only someone who wanted white milk jugs. […]

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Drones form a scannable QR code in the sky

And to think, I once thought QR codes were going nowhere. “Chinese gaming giant Bilibili used the dazzling display to advertise the one year anniversary of its role playing game Princess Connect! Re: Dive. At the end of the show, the 1,500 drones gathered […]

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Owning the funnel

“Unlike their western counterparts, who can build sizable companies being the best-of-breed for different geographies, Chinese tech companies have to focus on owning the user (and funnel) to grow.” | learn more

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China’s one-minute staff-free clinic

A Chinese telehealth company, Ping An Good Doctor, launched a staff-free one-minute clinic last year, and now they’re expanding to 1,000 units across 8 provinces. This seems like a worthwhile investment in health! “The clinics currently provide online consultations for […]

big ideas

How stories last

If we want information to last longer than 3 generations, stories are the only way to go. “Stories are alive. The ones that last, Gaiman said, outcompete other stories by changing over time. They make it from medium to medium—from […]

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All those used delivery boxes are a hot commodity

Recycling plants can’t get their hands on enough post-consumer cardboard. Now they want that cheese-crusted pizza box! “A surge in food and package deliveries during the pandemic is recharging the U.S. market for recycled paper and cardboard, two years after it collapsed […]

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Chinese AR startup Rokid’s smart glasses

The company’s first generation product came with a temperature-detecting feature that let wearers measure across groups of people. The new version will do even more. Reading this reminded me to check in on Google Glass, which is still alive and kicking […]