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A long interview about sleep.

Sleep researcher and expert Dr. Matthew Walker talks with Andrew Huberman about sleep, covering a lot of ground in this 3-hour interview. The timestamps are well-labeled if you want to get right down to any one topic and its relationship […]


Illinois cannabis licenses delayed, blaming Covid

But not so fast… “As of last August, Illinois craft grow, infusion, and transport license applications had gone through two rounds of discrepancy vetting in the scoring process managed by accounting firm KPMG. Four months later, the state Attorney General […]

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CBD from orange peels

“Hiro International has unveiled a new line of CBD products produced from, wait for it, orange peels, not from hemp or cannabis.” | learn more

thoughts of food

The new cannabis drinks are here

A non-drinker reviews the new class of THC-infused drinks that mimic alcohol in both rapid onset time and predictable duration of effects. The technology doesn’t seem to be quite there yet, but I’d bet on innovation continuing. I believe the impact is […]

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Legal weed in IL: map of dispensaries

“Dozens of existing medical dispensaries have been awarded licenses to start selling recreational cannabis at the start of the year, including nine in Chicago.” | learn more