fun facts

Happy Gilmore’s alligators

“Real and fake alligators were used in the film as well as a frog which is seen briefly sitting on a tree limb at a golf course. Two live alligators were transported from California to Vancouver, British Columbia. … One […]

fun facts

The California Missions.

I imagine if you live in California this is common knowledge, but its new to me! “Over 54 years, four forts, or presidios, and twenty-one missions were founded along the California coast. Some of these sites eventually evolved into the […]

big ideas

Turning ordinary cells into human eggs.

“A few years ago, a young man from California’s technology scene began popping up in the world’s leading developmental biology labs. These labs were deciphering the secrets of embryos and had a particular interest in how eggs are formed. Some […]

retail therapy

Is shoplifting forcing Walgreens to cut back in S.F.?

The company blames rampant retail theft for the store closings. A 2014 California law classified shoplifting < $950 as a misdemeanor, possibly leading to fewer reports and less enforcement. Critics say they’re just using shoplifting as convenient cover for stores […]