Andreas Antonopolous on what happens when bitcoin takes over

If you’ve never heard Andreas talk before, this is a great opportunity. The guy lives in his own world, and we might all be living there with him in the future. “In this episode … [w]e talk about his influences, how the aggregate decisions of humans lead to adverse outcomes, Bitcoin use cases and ah-ha moments and what maximalists miss with Ethereum.” learn more

The tokenization of everything. 

“Bitcoin created the fundamental concept of using a shared computer in exchange for a native bearer asset. For the first time, you could participate in an economy and benefit from holding the common denominator of value in the network. Overnight, the paradigm shifted.” learn more

An overview of stablecoins. 

Stablecoins are tokens with values that do not fluctuate wildly, unlike most cryptos today (ahem, bitcoin). Multicoin capital overviews the landscape of stablecoins and the different approaches to creating them. They’re on a roll of putting out some great writing! learn more