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Bitcoin everywhere.

“I wanted to see if I could add bitcoin into a Super Mario running on my original NES, every time you get a coin it sends you some sats!” ~ learn more

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Why Nassim Taleb does not like Bitcoin.

He thinks its worthless for various reasons. “If any non-dividend yielding asset has the tiniest constant probability of hitting an absorbing barrier (causing its value to become 0), then its present value must be 0.” | learn more

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The crypto geniuses who vaporized a trillion dollars.

History rhymes once again. “Among crypto’s smartest observers, there is a widely held view that Three Arrows is meaningfully responsible for the larger crypto crash of 2022, as market chaos and forced selling sent bitcoin and other digital assets plunging […]

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Listen to earn & Bitcoin.

“The team at Fountain has created a new category called “Listen-to-Earn.” Any mobile device user in the world can download the Fountain app and start listening to podcasts today. As you listen to your favorite podcast, you will earn money. […]

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In praise of Bitcoin.

This is from Ben Hunt of Epsilon Theory. If you know who that is, you can probably guess this isn’t a boring read. “The value-deniers, like the Zoom crowd the other night, think I’m agreeing with them when I say […]