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Johnson & Johnson and the Texas Two-Step.

“The Texas Two-Step is a way of describing when a company with a f*ck ton of potential tort liabilities…” uses obscure Texas corporate law to limit that liability in bankruptcy court. One more quote: “If that sounds shady as f*ck […]

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AMC Entertainment Inc.

The incredible story of the company that leveraged a Reddit-fueled runup in its stock price to raise a bunch of money and avert its impending bankruptcy for a little while longer. Remember, this is not wall street vs the little […]

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The future of education (bankruptcy).

Discussion of the link between education, finance and muni bonds. “I fear that the changes in store for higher education are going to look a lot like the painful changes we’ve seen in retail, travel, news, and entertainment.” | learn more

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The Hertz Corporation files for bankruptcy

From the restructuring industry newsletter Petition: “Much like most other COVID victims, Hertz could be described as having mild pre-conditions that made it generally more susceptible to the virus. For years now, the company has been attempting to effectively treat […]

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Are bankruptcy floodgates opening?

This recent issue of the newsletter Petition contains a bunch of interesting insights. Retailers are so far notably absent from restructuring. Why? One reason: it’s hard to do a Going Out of Business Sale when stores aren’t open. | learn more

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Healthcare industry bankruptcy activity on the rise.

Petition11 is a great newsletter that covers “disruption from the vantage point of the disrupted”. That’s right – they cover the distressed companies that are or soon will end up in bankruptcy court. This week: Trident Holding Company LLC, a […]