big ideas

Fish of the future.

Monica Jain runs Fish 2.0, described as the “shark tank of sustainable seafood.” She lays out a vision of 10 years in the future where seafood and fish options are more diverse, traceable, and sustainable. | learn more

big ideas

Reverse aging by purging ‘retired’ cells.

Thanks to a new study, humans are one step closer to being able to live forever. When cells accumulate too much DNA damage from aging, they can enter a semi-dormant state, becoming senescent cells. Mice treated with a substance that purges these cells […]

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2017 is the year of the chatbot.

Okay maybe not quite yet, but we’ve hit an inflection point in natural language processing (NLP) technology. You can finally call it pretty good. Facebook, Microsoft, and others are now releasing bot frameworks and opening up their messaging platforms to bots. | learn […]

tech, startups, internet

Futures of text.

About 2 years ago, Jonathan Libov wrote about the state of current innovation in “text” as an interaction medium. He predicted the arrival of chat-based bots early on. “Messaging is the only interface in which the machine communicates with you […]

fun facts

Put away your tophat and monacle.

Put away your tophat and monacle. It turns out that “crevasse” (pronounced kruh-VOSS) is not just a super pretentious way to say “crevice” (pronounced KREV-iss). Hat tip to Ilya Z for the insight. | learn more

better doing

Ruthless prioritization.

Ruthless prioritization. Shopify product director Brandon Chu’s take on how to prioritize between projects and within a single project. | learn more

better doing

Planning is guessing.

Planning is guessing. Jason Fried suggests a way to get past the psychological roadblock to planning by taking it for what it is. | learn more