retail therapy

A non-US retail success story. 

Sometimes it’s easy to get myopic, forgetting that there are many great retailers outside of the US market. This Bloomberg article highlights A.S. Watson Group, which plans to open 1,400 stores this year – a third of them in China. […]

thoughts of food

The Future of Food. 

Check out these interesting slides presented by the CEO of Nextfood at the Nordic Next 2017 conference. He shows some interesting data about the market for food, future trends and more. |learn more

big ideas

Why your brain hates other people. 

Stanford Professor Robert Sapolsky discusses the deeply-rooted phenomenon of dividing the world between us and them. He also analyses how we categorize thems, and proposes some strategies to overcome this mentality. | learn more

fun facts

Canada might run out of pot. 

Prime minister Justin Trudeau is legalizing recreational marijuana. This isn’t necessarily easy, because there’s not enough legal pot to go around. His current challenge: getting through a supply crunch to beat down the black market. | learn more