fun facts

Human-sized penguins once waddled the Earth. 

“They found evidence of one in New Zealand, a 60-million-year-old fossil encased in an ultra-hard sedimentary rock. Scientists estimate the bird weighed about 220 lbs (100 kg) and stood just shy of 6 feet (1.77 meters)—pretty hefty for a penguin.” | learn […]

big ideas

3 tech breakthroughs that will help transform the world. 

Bill Joy, cofounder of Sun Microsystems, discusses his investments in big ideas that are going to change the world – cheaper batteries, sustainable concrete, and sustainable meat. According to him, these investments can, and do, pan out, and we need […]

better doing

Do you have these bad habits? 

Rather than highlighting the habits of successful people, which you’ve doubtless seen in many places, this author chose to highlight the bad habits that you should try to purge. | learn more