Startup ClostraBio aims to cure food allergies. 

“ClostraBio … is developing therapeutics which boost this protective microbial barrier function in individuals where it has been compromised. The startup is working to develop a pill in order to administer its treatment, and currently testing for peanut allergies, with potential applications towards other allergens and protection from diseases linked to food allergies, such as eczema, asthma, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).” learn more

Chip reprograms cells to regenerate damaged tissue. 

“Chandan Sen, a physiologist at Ohio State, and his colleagues developed a genetic cocktail that rapidly converts skin cells into endothelial cells—the main component of blood vessels. They then used their technique on mice whose legs had been damaged by a severed artery that cut off blood supply. New blood vessels formed, blood flow increased, and after three weeks the legs had completely healed.” learn more

Luminar & the LIDAR problem. 

The LIDAR problem: for autonomous vehicles to effectively “see” their surroundings, cameras aren’t enough. But, LIDAR still costs too much and current commercial models are very large. Startup Luminar thinks their tech has what it takes to change this, and are going to be in public testing with Toyota Research Institute soon. learn more

Creating an innovation culture. 

The head of Corning’s Silicon Valley technology center writes about how he keeps his team innovating. This is loaded with practical advice. One of my favorites: “Relationships that extend beyond the boundaries of the organization are invaluable to acquiring and distributing knowledge.” learn more