The Coming Storm

Author: Michael Lewis

Let’s set the record straight: I’m no weather geek. I picked this up because of an admiration for the author’s research and writing on other topics. And I’m glad I did.

Lewis tackles the topic of weather forecasting from a number of angles including:

  • Storm predictions to trigger evacuations
  • Weather predictions to help farmers
  • The business of weather forecasting
  • The politics of weather forecasting

The political angle is interesting and possibly divisive – Lewis highlights the choices the Trump administration has made to put someone with deep financial conflicts of interest in charge of the department that owns and releases all of the public weather data.

Obviously the title of the book can be interpreted as a double entendre.

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Cold weather & common colds. 

A few years ago, researchers found a link between cold temperature and decreased cellular immune response. The underlying study is interesting, though maybe not directly related to how we think about cold. They showed that cells have less defensive ability when their temperature is 4 degrees C lower. At the least, it seems applicable to your nasal cavity in environments that have rhinovirus in the air. learn more