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Nuclear energy: the good, the bad, the beautiful.

I loved this explanation of the nuclear energy market and the technology advances nearing commercialization. “For the first time, this generation of reactors isn’t 100% government-funded and instead built by venture-backed startups.” | learn more

better doing

Choose good quests.

“Today, we are in a crisis. Silicon Valley’s best — our top operators, exited founders, and most powerful investors — are almost all on bad quests. Exiting your first startup only to enter venture capital and fight your peers for […]

on the blockchain

Taking a long term view of web3.

Written by vc investors and Coinbase board members Katie Haun and Fred Wilson. “Web3 is a software-driven innovation that has a built-in financial system. This has been both a strength and a weakness.” | learn more

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Half of all VCs beat the stock market

Fred Wilson highlights new data that overturns the conventional wisdom that one must invest in a top-quartile VC fund to generate good returns. He also shares his return multiples on personal fund investments since 2009. They range from 2-10x multiple […]