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The connection between stress and disease.

“Dr. Gabor Maté is the leading expert on the role the mind-body connection plays in illness and health.” A line that he repeats a few times during this talk stuck with me: “We are biopsychosocial creatures.” Biology, psychology and socio-environmental […]

better doing

How hard should I push myself?

Much writing about stress focuses exclusively on the “fight or flight” stress response, and unfortunately that’s true for this article. Read this with the knowledge that stress is a necessary part of life and you are not well-served to avoid […]

book recommendations

The Upside of Stress

Author: Kelly McGonigal Kelly McGonigal preached the danger of stress to anyone who would listen. For many years. She was a health psychologist working to translate science into practical strategies for everyday life. In 2012 she abruptly changed her mind. […]

under the microscope

A bacteria may help immunize against stress and anxiety. 

“Intriguing new research suggests that a particular bacteria may have beneficial anti-inflammatory effects on the brain. Early studies in rodent models found that through injections of the bacteria the animals can be ‘immunized’ against displaying anxious responses to stressful situations.” | learn […]