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To fund people or projects?

Here’s a deep discussion of the merits of two different scientific funding paradigms. Are we better off funding scientists and giving them a lot of freedom, or funding specific research projects with a tight leash? | learn more

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Injectable electrodes: injectrodes

“Although conditions such as epilepsy can be treated via nerve-stimulating electrodes, those electrodes are stiff, costly and require surgery to implant. Scientists have now created an alternative, however, in the form of soft, injectable electrodes.” | learn more

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Deep aging clocks based on AI

Carve out some time to read this article, as it gets a bit technical. Basically, scientists are now finding AI-based biomarkers of aging and longevity. “Multiple data types can be used to predict age and associate the prediction with mortality, […]

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Jet fuel from plastic waste

This is very cool and if the scaled cost is right will be a huge deal! “​…[L]ow-density polyethylene can be recycled into new plastic, but there’s much more waste than recycling facilities can currently handle. With that in mind, scientists […]