under the microscope

New cells discovered in the heart.

The fact that we’re still discovering new cells in an organ that scientists have been studying forever is both exciting and a bit scary. “The cells, now named nexus glia, seem to help regulate heart rate and rhythm, and the […]

under the microscope

Why do placebos work?

Scientists used fMRI to detect which parts of the brain were pathways for the placebo and nocebo effects. They found the brainstem active during both. | learn more

under the microscope

Why do scientists lie?

“It’s natural to think of scientists as truth seekers, people driven by an intense curiosity to understand the natural world. Yet this picture of scientists and scientific inquiry sits uncomfortably with the reality and prevalence of scientific fraud. If one […]

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To fund people or projects?

Here’s a deep discussion of the merits of two different scientific funding paradigms. Are we better off funding scientists and giving them a lot of freedom, or funding specific research projects with a tight leash? | learn more