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The future is nano

“One emerging field that exemplifies this transformation of science is ‘protein nanotechnology’, where nanotechnologists use proteins to design and construct microstructures and nanostructures, thereby imitating life.” | learn more

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Protein from outer space discovered for the first time

Slow down–this does not mean aliens exist. However, it does signal the building blocks of Earth life may have come from space. “Named hemolithin, the new protein contains iron and lithium and may play an important role in seeding life […]

under the microscope

Proteins for every occasion. 

“Scientists are now able to design, in principle, almost any protein they want—a feat that was inconceivable just a few years ago. They are reengineering existing proteins found in nature, as well as constructing proteins from the ground up, atom […]

under the microscope

Proteins in umbilical cords improve mice memory. 

Scientists just keep pumping out anti-aging scientific discoveries. This time, they injected plasma from human umbilical cord blood directly into older mice every four days for two weeks. The mice who received this treatment fared the best on a treacherous […]