oh, Austin

Austin rents up, up and away.

“Average rent, which sat at $1,367 and dipped to $1,300 at its pandemic low (-4.9%), skyrocketed to $1,647 by September 2021, a 25.3% year-over-year increase.” | learn more

tech, startups, internet

The app that monetized doing nothing.

“My short-lived meditative oasis came courtesy of Calm, the most popular mindfulness app and one of the most popular apps in existence, full stop. More than 100 million people now have Calm on their smartphone, after downloads surged by a […]

thoughts of food

An ode to Birria Tacos

After reading this, I made it a point to find birria tacos the next day. Delicious! “How birria finally took off in one of America’s best taco cities. A global pandemic, misplaced goat shanks, and fat slabs of Texas brisket […]

under the microscope

The abiding threat of antibiotic resistance

“While we expect a single virus pandemic to pass relatively soon, the harm from antibiotic resistance could continue from decades past through decades future, worsening to a point where currently treatable bacterial infections could conceivably retake their place from cancer […]

retail therapy

Marc Lore steps down as Walmart’s head of e-commerce

This began as the most expensive acquihire ($3.3 billion for Jet.com) I’ve ever seen and appears to have ended successfully. He’s leaving them in great shape as a credible competitor online. “Walmart CEO Doug McMillon credited Lore in a companywide […]