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The rise and fall of 15-minute delivery startups.

“Fueled by record levels of venture capital funding, they quickly blanketed New York City with their delivery bikes. The bet was that, in densely populated metropolitan areas, ultra-fast delivery would be more financially feasible to pull off. But just as […]

fun facts

What’s an appetizing store?

“[T]ypically in reference to Jewish cuisine in New York City, particularly Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine, [an Appetizing store] is a store that sells “food that generally goes with bagels.” | learn more

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AI put to work predicting outcomes after joint surgery

“In a [2019] study, researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York City show that machine-learning algorithms can predict with reasonable accuracy which patients undergoing total knee or total hip replacement will report a minimally clinically important difference […]

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New York City may start regulating Grubhub’s fees

If this doesn’t earn an 🙄 and 🤦‍♂️, I don’t know what does. “The bills propose that food delivery apps be limited to charging restaurants no more than 10 percent commission, and require them to be licensed through the city’s […]