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The tragic belief in “degrowth”.

This was published as a commentary in Nature. It’s titled “Degrowth can work — here’s how science can help.” My opinion is that there’s clearly no requirement to understand economics before submitting for publication. One of their ideas: “This requires cancelling […]

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Any time someone chooses to take really simplistic view of nature, this sort of thing should help snap them out of it. ~ learn more

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How overnight fasting could extend lifespan.

Intermittent fasting shows health and longevity benefits in a variety of species. This short article published in Nature highlights a study that’s also linked fasting results to the circadian clock. | learn more

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Nature Conservancy photo contest winners. 

These photos are awesome, so I’m including two in the newsletter! I encourage you to check out the rest. “The Nature Conservancy recently revealed the winning photographs from its massive global contest to find the most glorious images of nature across 5 […]