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Don’t forget Microsoft.

“This piece undertakes a daunting set of tasks: 1) understand what Microsoft is, 2) chart a path for its global domination, and 3) apply learnings from the company to the startup ecosystem.” | learn more

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When big tech buys small tech.

While I wasn’t paying attention, “FTC ordered Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft to provide data on every single acquisition they made from 2010 to 2019, and published some aggregate data as a report in September.” Benedict Evans analyzes the […]

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Microsoft and the metaverse.

Ben Thompson from Stratechery thinks the metaverse is already here in the form of the internet. Its next iteration will primarily serve workers, not consumers. “This means that the company that is, in my opinion, the most well-placed to capitalize […]

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The last prank before PR ruined everything

“Exactly 25 years ago today, some Microsoft coworkers and I launched a complex and costly prank. We printed up hundreds of realistic shrink-wrapped boxes of a fake product, “Microsoft Coffee”, and snuck it into stores all around the greater Seattle […]

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Microsoft blog about recent cyberattacks

“The final weeks of a challenging year have proven even more difficult with the recent exposure of the world’s latest serious nation-state cyberattack. This latest cyber-assault is effectively an attack on the United States and its government and other critical […]

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Reaching peak meeting efficiency

Steven Sinofsky, a former Microsoft executive, has spent a lot of time thinking about meetings. “Meetings are a critical tool for building a diverse, high-performance team with shared values.” This is his detailed and useful guide. | learn more