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MetaFi: DeFi for the metaverse.

A really interesting read from Outlier Ventures: “We believe the next phase of growth in the evolution of DeFi will come not from better integration into the existing financial system, more regulation or real world assets and CeFi but instead […]

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Crypto kicks and the metaverse.

“Web3 and DTC are natural partners and Nike will be of the first major retailers to iterate around Web3 principles. It’s not just a new revenue stream: it’s community and status.” | learn more

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Microsoft and the metaverse.

Ben Thompson from Stratechery thinks the metaverse is already here in the form of the internet. Its next iteration will primarily serve workers, not consumers. “This means that the company that is, in my opinion, the most well-placed to capitalize […]

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Stratechery on Meta.

“Meta exists because Zuckerberg believes it needs to exist, and he is devoted to making the metaverse a reality; it’s his call, for better or worse.” | learn more

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The metaverse primer.

This is an oft-cited 8-part series by Matthew Ball. “The purpose of this essay is to offer a way to think about the emergence of the Metaverse.” | learn more