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Batteries and the new lithium gold rush.

This is a theme I’ve been following since last year. Most batteries, especially vehicle batteries, rely on Lithium. In the near-term, there isn’t enough supply. For reference, the spot price is up 5x YoY, and about 30% in the past […]

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Are you paying attention to lithium?

It’s a key material in all the batteries we’re putting inside our technology products, especially electric vehicles. While it takes 8-10 years to bring a lithium mine online, it takes less than 2 years to bring a battery plant online. […]

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Self-healing potassium batteries

The question of what’s next after Lithium is a big one for the battery business. “Potassium metal batteries could offer a cheap, long-life alternative to lithium cells with similar energy density, but thus far they’ve been held back by dendrite […]