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Interview with Thrasio cofounder Josh Silberstein

In April I first shared news of Thrasio, the company that’s bought over 60 Amazon marketplace brands. In July they reached unicorn status with a billion dollar valuation. Jason Calacanis interviewed the cofounder and Co-CEO a couple weeks ago. He dropped a […]

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The valuation vs traction matrix

Jason Calacanis explains early stage tech company valuations and demystifies some of the craziness we see. If you’re a founder, employee, or investor at early stage tech companies this is a worthwhile read. | learn more

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The VC Ponzi scheme theory. 

Chamath Palihapitiya is the founder of the uber-successful investment firm Social Capital, which has recently been in the news for some serious drama (google it if you’re curious). Chamath is interviewed here by Jason Calacanis and shares his controversial views […]