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Welcome to the era of angel investors.

A fun article, though it doesn’t go very deep. “Historically, angel investors have been high-net-worth individuals. But with loosened regulations and the advent of crowdfunding platforms, now almost anybody can invest small amounts of their own money in individual startups […]

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How to conduct investment research.

This applies to publicly traded companies. I really like it! “I’ve spent thousands of hours researching dozens of companies from many different industries. Along the way, I’ve developed a research process. While I’m no expert, I’m hoping that this article […]

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Farewell, millennial lifestyle subsidy

“These companies’ investors didn’t set out to bankroll our decadence. They were just trying to get traction for their start-ups, all of which needed to attract customers quickly to establish a dominant market position, elbow out competitors and justify their […]

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Learnings from 30 years investing

He had me at “buy high, sell higher.” The author recently died, and the original website is gone, but this piece lives on via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. “Ask me a question back then and I would have answered […]

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Am I Being Too Subtle

Author: Sam Zell Sam Zell sold a $39 Billion portfolio of real estate at the height of the real estate bubble. He’s a character. The autobiography of Sam Zell, narrated by Sam Zell, was so much fun to listen to.  […]

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Is buying crypto assets “investing”? 

The dynamic duo Warren Buffet & Charlie Munger recently bashed crypto with all sorts of colorful language. Rockstar VC Fred Wilson helps put their criticisms in context, since he must reconcile his respect for them as investors, and his own […]

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Permissionless startup investing. 

Aaron Batalion, VC at Lightspeed Venture Partners, writes about the SAFT project (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens), and how it can enable access to early stage investments without the traditional prerequisites (including explicit permission from the founders). “In the past, […]