fun facts

Feel good charts

This list of ~60 facts and charts reminds me of the late Hans Rosling and vast quality of life improvements happening throughout the world right now. | learn more

teaching the kids

Your world, better

While I’m not in the market for middle school textbooks, I am fond of this one for its approach. Ever since Hans Rosling helped me realize my world view was based on decades-old and outdated data, I’ve wondered if that cycle persists. […]

big ideas

The short history of global living conditions

These five charts tell a story that too many don’t yet know. It’s the same story that Hans Rosling told up until his death. It’s the story of the world getting better – way better – over the decades and […]

big ideas

Lessons from Hans Rosling on population growth. 

I’ve posted one of the late Hans Rosling’s videos before. He’s an expert on population-level health data. In this article, Shane Parrish at Farnam Street helps summarize some of the biggest insights and misconceptions Rosling identified. | learn more

big ideas

I tend not to prefer videos.

However, this week I’m sharing two. It’s because they’re both that interesting. The first is from Swedish professor Hans Rosling, who will absolutely blow your mind with global public health data. The second is from Laura Deming, who graduated from MIT at 14 and […]