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Logan’s journey with NutriSense (Part 1).

Follow along as our Content Manager Logan documents his personal journey! “Now, I am making a commitment to honor my body over time and become a student to its unique needs. I will be using the tools available to me […]

to your health

How does intermittent fasting affect glucose levels?

New from the NutriSense blog! “Intermittent fasting (IF) is the intentional restricting of our mealtimes to maximize health. Media coverage tends to paint IF as the latest fad diet … except it’s neither a fad nor a diet.” | learn more

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Microbiome 2020 🦠

If I say “think of your body,” what do you picture? Your eyes? Your heart? Your toes? Do you think about your bacteria? Perhaps you should; current science suggests our microbes are as much “us” as our brain or fingertips. […]