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Microbiome 2020 🦠

If I say “think of your body,” what do you picture? Your eyes? Your heart? Your toes? Do you think about your bacteria? Perhaps you should; current science suggests our microbes are as much “us” as our brain or fingertips. […]

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Mimicking the fasting mimicking diet. 

Rather than pay the steep price for Dr. Longo’s ProLon program, Bob from recreated his own version from the original patent filing. Then, he recorded all of his bio-metrics for the 5-day experiment. | learn more

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Longevity and the fasting-mimicking diet. 

This article is based on an interview with Dr. Valter Longo Ph.D., professor of gerontology and biological sciences at the University of Southern California. It offers interesting strategies (and reasoning behind them) for increasing longevity. | learn more