teaching the kids

Your world, better

While I’m not in the market for middle school textbooks, I am fond of this one for its approach. Ever since Hans Rosling helped me realize my world view was based on decades-old and outdated data, I’ve wondered if that cycle persists. […]

under the microscope

FDA approves new antidepressant containing ketamine

“Esketamine represents the first depression drug in years to be approved that works via a completely different mechanism in the brain, as compared to the previous generation of medications. For many with treatment-resistant depression, the new drug offers newfound hope […]

under the microscope

Epigenetic inheritance confirmed in mice. 

A new study “provides clear evidence that some kinds of epigenetic markers can be passed on to a new generation.” This lends some credibility to a 2015 study “claiming that the children of Holocaust survivors were more likely to develop […]