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DTC’s very bad, no good earnings week.

It’s actually impressive just how unprofitable of a business these brands are in. “Brands laid off staff, cut guidance and accumulated losses in a tougher operating environment. A select few continued to thrive.” | learn more

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When we design our identities from scratch.

Sarah Guo thinks pseudonymity will help us all use the internet better. I’m seeing more pseudonymous writers building names for themselves lately. Without any credentialing they manage to build brands and audiences based solely on merit. | learn more

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Brands are getting weird on social media

Thingtesting highlights a few brands that aren’t following the typical d2c script for social media: “Manicured feeds, on-brand messaging, the occasional playful meme, and an ultra-friendly member of the customer support team lurking in the comments.” | learn more

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Brands improve people’s performance

“When people struggle with a difficult task, using a brand can help them perform better. For example, people who drank water from a Gatorade cup exercised harder and longer.” | learn more

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Resetting online commerce

From Benedict Evans: “What’s going to happen in ecommerce and retail? TV? TV ads? Retail? Brands? Online advertising? There are half a dozen huge industries where all of the cards are being thrown up in the air, and no-one really […]

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How Costco convinces brands to cannibalize themselves

Costco’s private label brand Kirkland Signature launched in 1992 and has been delivering a great product experience ever since, as well as win for manufacturers. “Kirkland products have to be at least 1% better than the equivalent branded products (on […]