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How Tim Cook made Apple his own

I’ll take this opportunity to publicly admit I was dead wrong about Apple’s business prospects when Steve Jobs died. Oops! “The industrial engineer has turned Steve Jobs’s creation into a corporate colossus, delivering one of the most lucrative business successions […]

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App stores, trust, and anti-trust

“The app store model has been a central part of the smartphone revolution, bringing safe, trusted software to billions of people for the first time. Breaking it would be insane. The trouble is, it also means Apple (and Google) aren’t […]

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Apple is pulling away from the competition

Independent Apple analyst Neil Cybart makes a compelling case for the company’s new product strategy. “With wearables, my thinking has been that Apple has a lead that is closer to 10 years. This estimate reflects not just software or hardware […]

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Apple won’t let bad guys use iPhones in movies

I get why they’d have a strong preference here, but I’m surprised they have control at all. I mean – iPhones are everywhere! If any readers know the nuances here and care to educate me, I’m ready to listen. | learn more

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China’s big hack. 

You may have seen some headlines about China managing to slip extra chips onto servers operated by Apple, Amazon and other US tech companies. This is a link to the Bloomberg piece with the original reporting that’s worth a read. […]