under the microscope

Longevity Escape Velocity Foundation gets to work.

“Controversial anti-aging proponent Aubrey de Grey has started a new “Longevity Escape Velocity Foundation,” and is kicking off its first experiment, using a combination of therapies in an effort to radically extend the lives of middle-aged mice.” ~ learn more

under the microscope

Anti-aging research uncovers new role for telomeres.

“What’s most surprising is that, before really entering senescence, the cells divide one last time,” says Francis Rodier, corresponding author of the study. “In fact, the cell division caused by telomere dysfunction is so unstable that it ends up creating […]

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Anti-aging: state of the art

Published on LessWrong, this is one of the more approachable summaries of the field. One exciting point: “Today, there are over 130 longevity biotechnology companies and over 50 anti-aging drugs in clinical trials in humans.” However, a commenter offers this […]