fun facts

Iconic home floor plans reveal urban history.

“To understand a city, start with the foundation. Floor plans from homes around the world explain how the way we live has shaped the design and architecture of urban neighborhoods — and vice versa.” So far I’ve learned about Amsterdam’s canal […]

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Alley innovation now includes restaurants

A new restaurant called Pizza Friendly Pizza is serving Sicilian-style slice from an alley in Ukrainian Village. This weekend we grabbed a bite to eat at Goddess & The Grocer’s patio that was very recently an alley (pictured above). I’m reminded of […]

fun facts

Bees are thriving in Amsterdam. 

Couldn’t miss this fact – especially as I was stung for the first time in about 25 years. “While scientists have been sounding alarm bells over the decline of bees globally, Amsterdam may have worked out how to save them.” | learn […]

fun facts

Hundreds of years of riverbed stuff. 

The City of Amsterdam drained sections of a canal for a new subway line and had a rare opportunity to recover centuries of lost objects from the riverbed. They recovered 700k and published high res photos of 20k. | learn more