better doing

21 popular science books to expand your mind

This is a list from 2048 Ventures investor Alex Iskold. He includes interesting commentary on a handful of the books. I’ve read very of them, reminding me that there’s still much to learn. | learn more

better doing

5 building blocks for your customer acquisition machine

Written by Alex Iskold of 2048 Ventures, one of my favorite writers in early-stage tech. “Even the best companies that build products that early customers want need to carefully think through how to acquire more customers. Just throwing money at […]

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You’re probably going to get hacked. 

OK, I’m being a bit dramatic. But seriously, the internet is not a safe place. Techstars NYC Managing Director Alex Iskold teaches us basic precautions to avoid being an easy target. After reading this, I realize how un-good my security […]