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Marilyn’s guide to a healthy old age.

“Over the years I have been blessed by good health. I am 92 and did not really have any illness until a few years ago. In addition, I have always been very active and energetic all these years. IN RESPONSE […]

to your health

“I reduced my epigenetic age by 5.1 yrs in 7 months.”

In what seems like a practical application of the above TEDx talk, tech founder Bryan Johnson believes he’s set a new world record for reduction of epigenetic aging. “These results were achieved via Blueprint’s measurement and intervention protocols, part of […]

to your health

Bio eats world: the biology of aging

Episode one of a new a16z podcast dedicated to bio. I liked that they discussed how aging research might fold back into the existing healthcare system. “Once a fringe field, the science of aging is now entering a new phase […]

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Ending aging, the other pandemic

Peter Diamandis highlights some of the technologies he’s tracking. “For the first time ever, scientists and entrepreneurs think there’s a way to slow aging in its tracks, and perhaps even reverse it.” | learn more