fun facts

Put away your tophat and monacle.

Put away your tophat and monacle. It turns out that “crevasse” (pronounced kruh-VOSS) is not just a super pretentious way to say “crevice” (pronounced KREV-iss). Hat tip to Ilya Z for the insight. | learn more

better doing

Ruthless prioritization.

Ruthless prioritization. Shopify product director Brandon Chu’s take on how to prioritize between projects and within a single project. | learn more

better doing

Planning is guessing.

Planning is guessing. Jason Fried suggests a way to get past the psychological roadblock to planning by taking it for what it is. | learn more

big ideas

The future is autonomous and electric.

The future is autonomous and electric. Cars are changing. Not all at once, but over the next 20-30 years. When most of the fleet is self-driving and powered by electricity, there will be huge direct impacts on oil consumption and human […]

big ideas

Evidence of the robot takeover.

Evidence of the robot takeover. Economists from MIT and Boston University examine the impact of industrial automation on the US labor market from 1990 to 2007. They conclude that each additional robot reduced employment in a given commuting area by 3-6 […]

retail therapy

Too much retail.

Too much retail. “Last summer, Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren called the situation ‘ridiculous,’ noting that the U.S. has 7.3 square feet of retail space per capita, versus 1.7 square feet per capita in Japan and France.” | learn more

retail therapy

Wal-Mart does the internet.

Wal-Mart does the internet. Now that Marc Lore of Quidsi ( + and fame is in charge of e-commerce at Wal-Mart, they’ve started a shopping spree with the acquisitions of ModCloth and Moosejaw. These are culturally pretty far from […]