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Should micro-VCs invest differently? 

Chicago-based investor Victor Gutwein (M25 Group) sets out to explain why he thinks the later-stage VC model doesn’t fit for smaller, earlier investors. This is the first of a multi-part series that’s worth following. | learn more

tech, startups, internet

What’s a real business anyway? 

Venture investor Bryce Roberts takes an opportunity to clarify differences between lifestyle businesses, venture businesses, and what he calls real businesses. I think the distinctions get confused a lot nowadays, so it’s nice to see someone spell them out. |learn more

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Animals can have regional accents. 

Humans don’t have a monopoly on location-based differences in how we communicate. Researchers have found regional dialects among whales, monkeys, dogs, and cows. | learn more

book recommendations

The Intelligent Investor Rev Ed.

If you’re acquainted with finance or investing, you’ve probably heard of Benjamin Graham’s concept of value investing. It’s also made famous by its very successful application by Warren Buffet. The content of the book can be a little dry in […]

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Expiring vs. long-term knowledge. 

There’s an important distinction to be drawn here. Think about how much of what we learn every day won’t matter in a year. This is expiring knowledge. Then, consider the fundamental truths that we learn that will always matter. This […]

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A premature post-mortem of The Melt. 

“In 2011, Silicon Valley’s finest minds launched The Melt, a restaurant chain meant to reinvent the humble sandwich. Here’s the untold story of why that hasn’t gone according to plan.” | learn more