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The first rule of leadership. 

I love that Ben Horowitz always starts off his posts with rap lyrics. This is a man I can relate to! The difference between Charles Barkley and Hakeem Olajuwon is the first rule of leadership. | learn more

on the blockchain

New coin to work on many blockchains. 

Jeff Garzik, one of the bitcoin core developers, is releasing a new coin called Metronome that’s supposed to have the ability to jump between blockchains. “For example, coins that are used for applications on the Ethereum blockchain will be able […]

on the blockchain

BitTorrent inventor announces new bitcoin competitor. 

“Cohen has just started a new company called Chia Network that will launch a cryptocurrency based on proofs of time and storage rather than bitcoin’s electricity-burning proofs of work. Essentially, Chia will harness cheap and abundant unused storage space on […]

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AI vs Doctors. 

The IEEE is keeping score of the battle between Doctors and Artificial Intelligence. The results are interesting, and the best part is we all win! | learn more

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The power of blue-collar software. 

Sanjiv Kalevar, a venture capitalist with Battery Ventures, worked as a dishwasher, truck driver, telemarketer, and more. Now he’s investing in software aimed at making blue-collar work easier and more productive. | learn more