big ideas

ARK Invests’s big ideas 2018. 

I’ve been following this fund manager for a few months, since they keep putting out great content around the big dynamic changes we’re expecting in our world: robotics, CRISPR, cryptoassets, 3D printing, etc. This is an excellent report with plenty of charts […]

thoughts of food

The invention of Chilean Sea Bass. 

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Chilean Sea Bass was like Mediterranean Sea Bass, just from Chile. In fact it’s Cod. But the story of marketing fish by new names is even more interesting. | learn more

retail therapy

Amazon’s warehouses embrace chaos. 

You’d be forgiven for thinking Amazon keeps their warehouses organized. By eschewing the concept of fixed stocking locations, Amazon has managed to increase the efficiency of their warehousing and fulfillment. | learn more

on the blockchain

Bitcoin & child abuse imagery. 

A reminder that technology is neither good nor bad, but may be used for either purpose. Researchers have discovered child abuse images embedded in the bitcoin blockchain. What does this mean for the legality of running a full node? | learn more